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Custom Net Sewing by Skeeta
custom sewing by skeeta

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No-See-Um netting (approx. 625 holes per sq. inch)

54" wide @ $3.50 per yard

Mosquito netting (156 holes per sq. inch)

80" wide @ $4.50 per yard

Let us help you to:

  • Custom cut and sew your own design
  • Screen in your porch
  • Screen in your children's playhouse
  • Enclose your patio umbrella
  • Restaurant patio screening
  • Screen in your aviary to protect yor birds from West Nile virus
  • Create your own custom bed canopy
  • Theater scrim
  • Outdoor food stand cover

No-see-um netting colors: slate grey, white, light tan, olive green.

Mosquito netting colors: white, black, ivory, sand.

Sewing prices are based on the project complexity.

For the estimates, please contact us at phone/fax (941) 322-9739 with your ideas and designs.


19706 77th Avenue East, Bradenton, FL 34202 ~ ( 941 322-9739 ) tel/fax ~